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Get custom software that finally matches your needs

Get custom software that finally matches your needs
Front-end web apps
We design and program websites and applications with HTML, CSS, DOM, or JavaScript to run on the Open Web Platform or serve as an input to non-web platforms such as React Native.
Back-end solutions
We also work behind the scenes to connect the website or application to databases, manage its connections, and power the operations.
Television apps
We design and develop user-centric Smart TV applications customized and convenient for everyone to use, enabling seamless video streaming functionalities.
In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems
We deliver OS and software solutions and integrate engineering services for the In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems for companies in the automotive sector.
Self-service technologies
We keep up with self-service machines' evolution and develop technological interfaces with coherent and user-friendly software that allow customers' self-servicing, replacing face-to-face interactions and boosting modern age digitization.
eCommerce web applications
We consider usability and performance when designing and developing any software, including eCommerce solutions that must be scaled to individual buyers' needs, making for a unique online shopping experience that drives sales.

Need more? We got you covered


Already have an application? Let us have a look and audit its functionalities and architecture to find improvements that will help you reach its true potential.


Integration of third-party software is no biggie. We will extend your web application with third-party solutions or make your very own software tool.


Are you thinking about restructuring your business operations and processes? We are here to help you link up all of the loose ends.

We are keen on delivering end-to-end solutions

Project scope analysis
We listen to our clients, their problems, needs, and ideas. We engage in constructive discussions where we use our knowledge of technology and delivery to grasp our client’s requirements to find solutions that fit their needs.
UI & UX design
Project management
Software development
Quality assurance
Maintenance & Support

elevup delivers expert-level software produced 100% in-house