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Help your in-house software team by hiring us

Help your in-house software team by hiring us
Product strategy
We help our clients keep their clarity by creating a prioritized product roadmap that allows them to make a move from point A to point B while managing the company’s tactical decisions and keeping on top of your product vision and goals.
Digital transformation
We make sure our clients are a part of the 21st century by transforming their businesses to integrate the right digital technologies. Join them and operate your organization effectively and deliver value to your customers by leading with the latest technology trends.
Technology consulting
We determine which improvements in our client’s business processes are and will be necessary to reduce the costs of their company’s operations while maximizing their outputs and opportunities through new tech strategies.
Technology support
We support our client’s software teams with their projects by helping them and coaching them on the right approach and technology skills to help them reach successful projects faster.

Why do companies opt for us?

Lower staff investment
Hiring efficiency
Better than outsourcing
Scalable business
Get unbiased help
Distinct skills

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You can also hire these additional specialists to satisfy your needs

Business analyst
Systems analyst
Project manager
UX/UI designer
Quality assurance tester
Support and maintenance specialist
Database specialist

We are determined to help our clients succeed


JETSURF –– Developing unique motorized surfboards and conquering the world with its brand new worldwide motorsport discipline.

ICT Operátor

ICT Operátor –– Organization in charge of directorial activities in the development of Prague integrated transportation services.


Mountfield –– Popular Czech retailer specializing in gardening equipment, grills, gardening furniture, and swimming pools.


RENOMIA –– Largest Czech insurance brokerage company with globally renowned experts in risk management and insurance services.