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Connecting technologies, objects, and our clients through software

Connecting technologies, objects, and our clients through software
Devices & Wearables
Smartphones, smart gadgets, smartwatches, or smart implants have become or are all becoming ordinary additions to our everyday lives. We develop IoT solutions for such devices and help our clients keep up with the newest trends in "smart" technologies.
Connected cars
Automotive OEMs and other related companies invest heavily in new connected solutions to improve vehicle safety, road monitoring, navigation services, and other services. We deliver solutions that benefit the driver and the vehicle crew on the road at any time.
Smart homes
Remotely controlling home appliances is convenient for working individuals and busy families that savor any minute saved doing errands. We develop software aimed to give homeowners the convenience they cherish while saving them the extra buck.
RFID tags
We very well know how to work with RFID, the common prerequisite for any IoT solution. The radio frequency identification system allows us to identify marked objects, record metadata, and give us control to implement our software solutions.
Sensor beacons
We hook up with Bluetooth Low Energy technology to detect data and information that we then use when developing our software. We are happy to connect to sensor beacons to implement the functionalities that match the client’s dreams.

Why do prominent businesses turn to IoT?

Improved productivity
Decreased costs
Effective production
Better work safety
Higher retention
More opportunities

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