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We believe in quality over quantity when developing software

We believe in quality over quantity when developing software
Automated testing
We apply various software tools to automate otherwise manual processes for reviewing and testing products. Plans for testings are developed together with the features, and then continuous integration tools perform their execution.
Penetration testing
We perform pentesting and, upon request, perform simulated cyber attacks to find out our client’s network and software weaknesses before unwanted hackers beat us to it.
Performance testing
We identify the weakest links in any software by reviewing its response time, stability, endurance, adaptability, and usage under simulated performance conditions.
Security testing
We determine all the vulnerabilities a software might have by uncovering any bugs and unprotected areas in the code. We seek to protect all our clients from unwanted intruders and ensure that our solutions are free from risks.

We will help you upgrade your products

Increase product quality

We pay attention to all aspects of software, and we are devoted to delivering only software that meets the highest standards. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and our incontestable outputs.

Leverage resources

We make full use of any available resources devoted to quality improvement and robust implementation of QA processes. Regular maintenance and scheduled QA are also designed in such a way to build up the company’s quality improvement culture.

Improve QA processes

We help our clients develop or improve their testing strategies. The key is to have clear acceptance criteria, coherent documentation, and practical manual or automated testing processes.

Quality assurance is just one part of the process

Consulting & Scope
We place the utmost importance on transparent communication and honesty. At the beginning of any project, we define our clients' scope of work, and our IT experts consult on the development aspects of the workload.
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