Tracking your health for you

Development of a useful app integrating HealthKit and transferring ECG data

Developing a mobile app allowing individuals get professional healthcare analysis of their ECG readings

Prague, October, 2021 - ....

The challenge


Building a custom frontend

Even though we had to deliver only an HTML template for a third-party service, we wrote an x React.js component to increase the reusability of components in our upcoming development for the platform.

At all times, we made sure to write a functional front-end with solid performance to drive conversion and create a successful user-friendly platform. Following the same approach as the UX design, we programmed the website mobile-first as well.

This project became our first to integrate Stripe, the renowned online payment processing method for internet businesses and platforms, such as Dramox.

Going live

When the streaming site went live, it quickly attracted hundreds of customers due to Dramox’s comprehensive marketing. Because the third-party provider for video streaming was not prepared for such a huge number of users using the platform at once, we immediately had to step up to drive the traffic on the site.

We quickly managed to eliminate the possibility of the site crushing, by caching and selectively storing website files on proxy servers in a way that users do not overload the third-party database. Since going live, we continue to support the Dramox team with regular site maintenance.

Next projects