May 24, 2021

DEXFIN launches their first mobile application

DEXFIN launches their first mobile application
Dexfin app.jpg

DEXFIN releases its powerful crypto management and trading mobile app, rivaling even the highest competition in the industry.

DEXFIN’s mobile application means business. The app’s users will be able to watch cryptocurrency market fluctuations and analyse the latest price and volume development of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DXF, and others. In addition, users of the app will also be able to manage their currencies portfolio and easily trade at any rate the users want.

DEXFIN’s mobile app comes as an addition to its new portal that elevup designed and developed last year. Therefore, creating the application was faster because of the team’s previous experience.

Elevup wrote the mobile application in Flutter, the open-source framework made by Google, for building apps from a single codebase. “Writing applications in Flutter means significantly cutting down the development cost,” says Daniel Jay Lett, elevup’s CEO. “Writing apps in Flutter is always faster than writing separate codes for the Android and iOS platforms. Also, such development means lower chances of a possible mistake.”

The app needs proper security since it allows users to buy, sell, and manage their cryptocurrency portfolio. Therefore, the application has the same security level as crypto applications Binance and similar applications, allowing user account protection with Two Factor Authentication. Moreover, DEXFIN is obligated to carry out identity and background checks on clients before allowing them to use their product under the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) measures.

The app is free for download on the iOS and Android platforms.

DEXFIN - is a Prague-based revolutionary FinTech concept with its business model based on circular tokenomics. DEXFIN bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies, company capitalization processes, and individuals through blockchain technology via a secure token-based circular economy. The DEXFIN trading platform allows users to quickly and securely buy, sell and manage digital currencies in real-time, without intermediaries, at low fees.


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