SIGMA Driving Data

Uncensored enjoyment behind the wheel

We record the pleasure from driving

SIGMA is an exceptional car for people who expect something more from driving their cars. The car’s philosophy is based on the idea of uncensored enjoyment from the ride. We have developed our application on identical values.

SIGMA Driving Data records your ride in real time and gives you the opportunity to analyze and to relive every section of the driven route.

The application is tailored for petrol heads. A circuit or a country road, you can enjoy both of them to the maximum.

Selected application functions:

Achieved personal bests

The application represents an absolute necessity for racing enthusiasts. A complete and always updated overview of your personal bests is displayed directly on the initial screen. When you achieve a new personal best, the application will notify you and reward you for that. The personal bests section will caress your ego in real time.

Rides overview

SIGMA will keep records of all your rides and you will not lose them even if you uninstall the application. The rides can, of course, be exported en masse to commonly editable formats. You can also share your particular rides with your friends and show them how well you did.


The application records your rides in full. Recording starts automatically once you start driving and it stops the moment you turn your engine off. Apart from riding averages, drivers can pick a particular point on the timeline and explore where they were at that given moment, their speed, where they lost power due to shifting or where they were exposed to the biggest G-force.

Shifting efficiency diagram

When you shift at the right moment, you do not unnecessarily lose power. On the efficiency diagram, you can see if you shifted at the optimal rpm and what power you lost when shifting.

The application also informs the drivers about their most frequent mistakes.


The G-Meter gauge allows you to monitor the G-force your car was exposed to upon acceleration, braking or while taking turns.

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