Professional contact management for teams and businesses.

Numbro solves the problem large companies face when they distribute contacts to employees

Contact sharing is rarely the most efficient activity in any company. The larger the company, the more difficult it is to maintain quality internal communication and ensure that every employee has the right contact details of their colleagues.

Numbro is a platform for standardizing and automating a company’s contact sharing process. It facilitates the work associated with people joining and leaving the company and lets the company establish rules about who has access to a person’s contact details.

It is a secure way to standardize contact management and prevent sensitive information being leaked

Challenges faced when Numbro was developed:

Intelligent server and integration

The Numbro server can distribute company contacts from different platforms such as Office 365, G Suite or Slack and can secure up-to-date data on all connected mobile devices. Employee-related changes are also reflected in Numbro in real time and thus on every phone in the company.

Extended rights between contact groups

The Numbro web portal lets administrators remotely manage the contacts employees have access to. Extended rights can help prevent the entire corporate address book from falling into the wrong hands and internal information being misused.

Mobile app and background data sync

The Numbro app for iOS and Android automatically keeps each employee’s address book up to date, even when they are not actively using the app. The app reflects changes in contact metadata (phone, first name, last name, e-mail, etc.) in real time, instantly adding new contacts and removing old ones.


Employee contact details are very valuable company data, and the risk of leaks should be minimized at all cost.

Numbro ensures that managed data is always secure. In addition to the now-compulsory data encryption over networks (TLS), Numbro uses advanced techniques such as server monitoring and suspicious behaviour detection, advanced encryption of stored data, and secure login using the OpenID Connect and SSO to third-party apps standards.

Security and privacy are the main factors, when looking for new software. Numbro delivers both on the highest level. Ondřej Mrenica, Project Coordinator at Entry Engineering

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