Aug 30, 2019

elevup launches own SaaS product Numbro to lead contact management tools

elevup launches own SaaS product Numbro to lead contact management tools
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Numbro is a sophisticated contact management tool, the first of its kind to truly help companies, big and small, manage their work-related contacts.

Have you ever needed to contact your colleagues quickly, but their phone numbers were only available in ill-sorted company documents or outdated company websites? Or have you ever watched an employee quit, having the contact information of staff members at their disposal even after leaving the company’s premises? Or have you ever missed an important call just because you have a habit of never picking up calls from unknown telephone numbers? Numbro tackles all of these issues and more.

Numbro offers easy contact management, saving time and resources, protecting companies, and safeguarding employee information. In the Numbro portal, you can manage employees’ contact information, teams, company hierarchy, and roles. Then, have employees download the Numbro app and sync specified contacts available on the portal with the user’s phone contacts.

When the employee’s access to the portal ceases, contact details from Numbro will disappear from the phone’s contact list. Similarly, connections made available through Numbro will disappear if the user deletes the Numbro app.

“With Numbro, you will have complete control over who in your company can and cannot have access to individual contact details without the administrative burden,” says Daniel J. Lett, elevup’s CEO. “You will be able to prevent former employees from calling telephone numbers they shouldn’t have access to, keeping sensitive information safe, and your corporate culture.”

All data is encrypted using TLS as part of the transmission over public networks and stored in highly secure AWS data centers. In addition, elevup based the SSO on the OpenID Connect and signs JWT tokens with asymmetric keys. These precautions protect the data within Numbro, while the mobile app is subject to quantum-resistant security.

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