May 30, 2022

Mounfield launches a new application for their in-store kiosks

Mounfield launches a new application for their in-store kiosks
Mountfield kiosk.jpg

Designed and developed for Mounfield’s employees as well as its customers, the Mountfield Kiosk is now running in stores

The kiosk application has three main functions, displaying commercials, serving as a search box for the store’s inventory, and showing Instructional videos for employees or potential buyers.

Elevup designed and developed the application specifically for the kiosk mode. While the application is a standard Android application written in Kotlin, and the mobile application then runs on a large device, the designs had to reflect a specific scale ratio to fit the larger kiosk format.

The app has adjustable settings and allows Mounfield more flexibility when setting different kiosk modes and showing new media on the platform. Supporting the application is an administrative portal through which Mountfield can internally adjust the kiosk data, marketing plan settings, and analytical data and upload new images and videos.

“We had to develop the application and web portal without any specifications and precise assignment. So instead, we relied on our skills to reverse engineer the previous kiosk solution provided to Mountfield by a third-party vendor,” says Daniel Jay Lett, elevup’s founder and CEO. “This project was our second for Mountfield, and it shows that we are Mountfield’s choice when it comes to new software solutions.”

Mountfield - is a Czech company founded in 1991 with three decades of experience serving thousands of Czech and Slovak customers. Mounfield is a renowned retailer of a wide range of quality products and services, trusted by more than 2.1 million regular customers. Their products range from garden equipment to garden furniture, swimming pools, garden supplies, and various leisure products.


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