Jul 27, 2019

Mountfield’s pool assistant app Azuro now available on iOS and Android

Mountfield’s pool assistant app Azuro now available on iOS and Android
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A short and sweet design and development project ended with Saturday’s release of the Azuro application, a must-have application for all pool owners.

Mountfield’s customers can now enjoy its new customer application Azuro. Developed for both Android and iOS platforms, the app serves as a digital pool advisor, easing the user’s journey to having crystal clear pool water at all times. Due to the application, pool owners can avoid unnecessary browsing through instruction brochures and don’t have to worry about calling customer service for help.

The application has various valuable functionalities, such as setting the up procedure if the water is cloudy, green, or milky and calculating the exact dosage of products considering the volume of the pool. In addition, the application sets intervals for regular water inspections while setting a timer to alert them about water control. The app is connected directly to the Mountfield e-shop, so users can order additional products that they might be missing. Seasonally, the application also helps its users with winterizing the pool. A weather forecast is also available.

Taking care of pool water is made easy, but the app also offers contacts to Mountfield’s nearest pool centers and pool specialists for peace of mind.

“We wanted to find a company that could deliver an application that would be user-friendly and capable of guiding the customer through their pool management. The ultimate goal was to take a load off of our call center. Together with development, we wanted to outsource the responsibility of the complete UX and UI design,” said [name], [position] of Mountfield. “elevup delivered everything they promised without complications. What’s more, they brought to the table many useful ideas that elevated the whole project to the next level. Our IT team commented on the highest standard of the delivered work.”

Vojtěch Kounovský, Founder & Sales Director of elevup, says, “it is a real pleasure to be working for another successful Czech company that continues to thrive even during the current daunting times. We are glad to have had the opportunity to help fulfill their vision and make their jobs that little bit easier, and we are looking forward to many new joint projects that lie ahead.”

About Azuro:

The application serves mainly as a guide, helping users take care of their pools’ water quality. The application is available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

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