Jun 7, 2022

Say hello to the new web

Say hello to the new web
New website.jpg

elevup launches a new web as a present to itself for its 4th birthday

Today, elevup is launching a new web to elevate and refresh the company's look. The software firm can pride itself on delivering successful software projects, and so it invested its time and resources to show its achievements to the outside world.

The first company web emerged before the company launched in 2018. It showed only a selection of its clients and projects with which elevup's employees began. When entering the market and taking on new responsibilities, elevup could spend little time creating such a unique and playful website until now.

"The first version of our web, and what I appreciated about it, was that it showed our quite humble beginnings. We started a brand new company from nothing, and investing in our image was not a priority then. Now, we have evolved, if I may say, into a very successful and stable company, and now we want to portray that in a cohesive image. We now want people to recognize us, our distinctiveness, and see what we are capable of and what it's like to be our client," says Jakub Hoffmann, elevup's lead designer and the actor responsible for bringing elevup's new web to the current standard.

The web shows a complete list of services elevup provides, including all technologies it uses when making its client's ideas become a reality. Visitors can also read about the company's clients and explore their projects. In addition, the thriving company will continuously upload new case studies, and information about new releases will be available on elevup's LinkedIn.

Explore the website as much as possible now that the facelift is complete. Enjoy!


Since its foundation in 2018, elevup has delivered advanced software solutions to successful startups and renowned companies and continues to do so today. The Prague-based company develops scalable and tailor-made software products that users love to the complete satisfaction of their numerous clients. The company employs only carefully chosen senior IT professionals, experts in their fields, who guarantee the company’s first-rate deliverables.