Oct 12, 2018

elevup enters the market as a Prague-based software development firm

elevup enters the market as a Prague-based software development firm

With an all-star team, elevup has ambitions to fill the void on the market by focusing on premium software solutions.

Today, elevup announced its entry onto the Czech market. elevup is poised to redefine the expectations of the current software market in the Czech republic with its unparalleled determination to deliver the highest-quality user-friendly software products, meeting client expectations and budgets while minimizing faults and the need for follow-up support.

elevup stands due to the ambitions of two determined individuals, Daniel Jay Lett and Vojtěch Kounovský. With their extensive background in IT, having together more than a decade worth of industry experience, they personally felt the competition's shortcomings. As a result, they dedicated their efforts to creating an elite company, employing a top selection of specialized experts to yield a limited number of products, but at an exceptional standard. The founders' vision serves as an innovative fusion between expertise and effort.

"The idea behind elevup is to create a first-class software development company that would guarantee its clients 100% satisfaction rates," says Daniel, elevup's CEO. "The company was set up as a form of protest against the behaviour of most of the IT firms in the country today, who employ hundreds of employees while the quality and quantity of their products and deliverables remain stagnant. Observing the trend, the law of diminishing returns applies here as well. So we bet on the saying "less is more" and place all our stakes on hiring only senior developers, obviously in much lower numbers, that deliver even better solutions than our competition at a fraction of the time and effort as well."

"It is always a pleasure to work with professionals that clients can trust, but hand on heart, that happens quite rarely. So it is our ambition that when people ask for our help, they can have that experience," adds Vojtěch, Daniel's associate and elevup's Sales Director.


Since its foundation in 2018, elevup has delivered advanced software solutions to successful startups and renowned companies and continues to do so today. The Prague-based company develops scalable and tailor-made software products that users love to the complete satisfaction of their numerous clients. The company employs only carefully chosen senior IT professionals, experts in their fields, who guarantee the company’s first-rate deliverables.