Sep 15, 2021

Dramox becomes a finalist of Cacio’s IT Project of the year 2020

Dramox becomes a finalist of Cacio’s IT Project of the year 2020
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As the supplier, elevup is thrilled to be among the finalists of the Cacio IT Project of 2020 for the online streaming platform, Dramox.

In the 18th year of the competition, Cacio, the Czech Association of Information Technology Managers, selected the winners from twenty-two very high-quality projects, ranking it one of the most successful years, despite the pandemic and being held entirely electronically for the first time.

Among the finalists were eight projects, five of which were public projects for the Czech Social Security Administration, Czech elementary and secondary schools, the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic. The remaining three projects were an application for the planning of optimal container loading, designed and developed for Škoda Auto a.s., Dramox, and an app for the implementation of digital integration HUB designed and developed by and for W.A.G. Payment Solutions.

"It is an honour to be a part of a competition that brings together and celebrates the creators of such many meaningful projects," says Vojtěch Kounovský, elevup’s founder and Sales Director. “We are glad to be working for Dramox, and we do all that we can to elevate the app, the project’s name, and ensure that it brings joy to as many users as possible.”

About Cacio IT Project of the year:

The competition aims to award the best information development or implementation of information technologies projects each year and improve their media presentation and prestige by highlighting their quality and benefit. Participation in the competition is open to individuals, enterprises, institutions, corporations, associations, and other entities, including state and local government organizations. The professional evaluation committee rates the participating projects according to four criteria. First, the objectives of the project and their execution, followed by the project's parameters (scope, budget, and schedule), originality, and lessons learned from the project and its management.

Dramox - is an online streaming platform offering hundreds of theatre recordings in one place for a monthly subscription. The idea behind the service emerged during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which pandemic restrictions forced many theatres to shut down. Thanks to the streaming platform, theatre enthusiasts can now watch their all-time favourite performances or discover new ones whenever and wherever, even from the comforts of their own homes. Dramox distributes the proceedings from the subscriptions between the organization and the participating theaters and also allows viewers to donate through the platform additional funds via an online payment gateway.


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