Sep 3, 2020

elevup launches DEXFIN’s web-based platform for digital assets trading and management

elevup launches DEXFIN’s web-based platform for digital assets trading and management
Dexfin project.jpg

The improved DEXFIN trading platform is now up and running, offering everyone a universal solution for their digital assets

Elevup successfully finished yet another challenging project. Today, DEXFIN, a leading trading platform for digital currencies, offering clients a place to buy, store, and manage their digital assets and take advantage of tokenization, is thrilled to go live with an upgraded client web platform for its holders. The redesign and development took place to improve the platform's customer experience and allow users to have a smoother interaction with the portal and its asset management tools. The site is now faster and easier to navigate, and users can quickly contact DEXFIN for information and expert consultation. The initiative also improved the firm's online software solutions and made future adjustments to the platform easier to execute.

"When starting our work on the DEXFIN portal, we had to learn exactly what is happening when customers reach the company to make trades and look after their digital assets. This meant going over all processes and use cases to design and later implement solutions that will make the user's experience easy and as simple as possible, "says Daniel Jay Lett, CEO at elevup. "We are now looking forward to developing the DEXFIN mobile application, which we are now working on, and we can't wait for the result."

Today, the platform allows investors, individuals, or companies, to seamlessly invest in ongoing fundraising campaigns or set up tokenization to raise their company capital using blockchain technology as an alternative to traditional crowdfunding. Moreover, as the leader of the original FinTech concept in the Czech Republic, the website showcases the firm's competence in exceptional accessibility of service for all of Dexfin's current and prospective clients.

DEXFIN - is a Prague-based revolutionary FinTech concept with its business model based on circular tokenomics. DEXFIN bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies, company capitalization processes, and individuals through blockchain technology via a secure token-based circular economy. The DEXFIN trading platform allows users to quickly and securely buy, sell and manage digital currencies in real-time, without intermediaries, at low fees.


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