Jun 5, 2020

The FinTech revolutionary DEXFIN hires elevup as their new software developer

The FinTech revolutionary DEXFIN hires elevup as their new software developer

In need of an updated presentation of their portfolio and digital currency-related products, DEXFIN hires elevup to deliver a workable solution

With a vision to become a one-stop solution for buying, storing, and managing digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and smart securities, DEXFIN seeks a new corporate website and portal in a fresh and modern corporate style.

In the upcoming months, elevup will design and develop DEXFIN’s upgraded client website for personal or company management of their digital currency-related products, starting with crypto vs. fiat exchange, crypto ATM, and NFC ring. The new UX and UI of the new site will incorporate all of the latest serviceability trends and recommendations on the market and ensure engaging SEO and mobile-friendly usability and design.

“Our role now is to develop a leading site for DEXFIN’s business functioning,” says Daniel J. Lett, elevup’s CEO. “Once complete, we are looking forward to supporting the company in creating a brand new app that will allow DEXFIN’s clients an even more comfortable way to manage their digital assets.”

DEXFIN - is a Prague-based revolutionary FinTech concept with its business model based on circular tokenomics. DEXFIN bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies, company capitalization processes, and individuals through blockchain technology via a secure token-based circular economy. The DEXFIN trading platform allows users to quickly and securely buy, sell and manage digital currencies in real-time, without intermediaries, at low fees.


Since its foundation in 2018, elevup has delivered advanced software solutions to successful startups and renowned companies and continues to do so today. The Prague-based company develops scalable and tailor-made software products that users love to the complete satisfaction of their numerous clients. The company employs only carefully chosen senior IT professionals, experts in their fields, who guarantee the company’s first-rate deliverables.